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waist - Traduo em portugus - Linguee.
cover the lower part of. the body from t h e waist t o a bove the mid-thigh area, enclosing each leg separately, with an opening at the front without any closing system and without an opening at t h e waist.
Waist Trainer NZ Aus.
Persistently wearing your waist trainer and controlling food intakecanresult in a flatter, more toned and tighter looking stomach region, even when your waist trainer is off. Waist trainers are not only great for appetite suppression, but also encourage an improvedposture as it forces you to sit/stand in an upright position.
Waist Definition Meaning - Merriam-Webster.
Recent Examples on the Web Emmett, who was from Chicago, was visiting relatives in Mississippi when a white woman Carolyn Bryant Donham, then 21 falsely accused him of whistling at her and attempting to grab her hand and waist while inside a grocery store.
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Always make sure to look at size plus the corset style/shape that you plan to get, in addition to other factors like squishiness, torso length and your corseting experience. Our corset calculator and our sizing experts take all these factors into account when giving you a recommendation. Corset Sizing Guides. Corset Waist Trainer Sizing. Best Waist Trainers for Beginners.
waist in Hebrew Morfix Dictionary מילון ותרגום מורפיקס waist תרגום.
He has a narrow waist and broad shoulders. He put his arm around her waist. These pants have an elastic waist. The waist of this skirt is too tight. בגוף האדם, ה מותן הוא חלק בבטן הנמצא בין הטבור לבית החזה.
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Founded on self-improvement and rooted in self-love, What Waist's' mission is to help our club membersachieve their healthy lifestyle goals. What Waist Gives Back. We respect all people and we believe in donating to produce a powerful and impactful positive change.
WAIST signification, définition dans le dictionnaire Anglais de Cambridge.
His shirt was open to the waist revealing a very hairy chest. The veil fell almost to her waist. I was starting to get a bit flabby around my waist. She held on tightly to his waist. She has an impossibly thin waist.
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Waist Definition Meaning
To maintain that aggressive fall-line stance through steep turns, you need to pivot at the waist, moving your lower body into a turn while keeping your upper body facing downhill. 6 Easy Ways to Be a Better Skier Heather Hansman October 1, 2020 Outside Online.

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